Plants With A Purpose

About Us

Sprouted under the famous live oaks in sunny Jacksonville, Florida, Plants With A Purpose began as a small seed of an idea, as many special things do, and has grown tall, continuing to flourish from its humble beginnings in 2013. That seed was planted by long time friends, Mike Morris and Garrett Lucas. Mike is a plant expert. Garrett is the business guy.

Plants With A Purpose

Traditional Atmosphere

They decided to put their heads (and tools) together, and build a nursery that would offer plants and seeds that have useful, medicinal purposes that promote sustainable living.

  • Land Was Tilled
  • Greenhouses Were Built
  • And Now The Nursery is Full of Seedlings

Our Babies

“Plant people” love plants, and tend to end up with lots of them. We love plants, and we love people! Whether you are a seasoned gardener, or new to the world of plants, we are excited to help you add some medicinals and usefull plants to your garden. We sincerely hope they bring you the joy they have brought us!

The Team

We Love Plants


Mike Morris

Garrett Lucas

Plants With a Purpose

We love plants!