String of Turtles, Peperomia prostrata, 4in Potted Plant, Piperaceae, Organic

4in Potted Plant

Name: String of Turtles
Scientific Name: Peperomia prostrata
Family: Piperaceae

This wonderful trailing plant is adored with small round succulent leaves, each with a reticulated pattern in different shades of green. The pattern is reminiscent of tortoise shell and is where it gets it common name. Great in a hanging basket or planter, it makes a great houseplant thriving with indoor temperatures and bright indirect light. Semi-succulent, it seldom requires watering making it a breeze to care for.

Origination: Brazil
Recommended Uses: Ornamental
Length: 1 ft (30 cm)
Hardiness: USDA 9-10
Flower Color: White
Other Names: Jade Necklace, Peperomia rotundifolia

Growing Instructions: Low Water, Moderate light to part sun
Water only once the soil becomes dry, any pots should also have proper drainage. Well-draining soil should also be used, cactus mixes are good and often contain extra perlite and sand. Roots should not remain saturated for extended periods. A weekly watering during the growing seasons (Spring/Summer) and less often during the dormant period (Winter) is usually more than enough water. Bright indirect light is preferred, although they will tolerate a shady area. Fertilize with ½ strength during the growing season. Avoid freezing temperatures, ideal temperatures are above 60° F (15° C), although they will tolerate lower temperatures. Offsets can be separated and is the main method of propagation.


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