Sedum ‘Ogon’


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Sedum ‘Ogon’ , Sedum makinoi, 3in Potted, Rooted Succulent, Crassulaceae, Sempervivoideae

3in Potted, Rooted Succulent

Name: Sedum ‘Ogon’
Scientific Name: Sedum makinoi
Family: Crassulaceae
Subfamily: Sempervivoideae

‘Ogon’ sedum is a low growing, mat forming ground cover succulent that has a brilliant chartreuse gold color. It grows well in cool weather and goes semi-dormant in the extreme heat of summer depending on your locale. ‘Ogon’ Sedum requires well drained soil and can tolerate regular watering’s during its growing season though it is best if allowed to dry some between those watering’s or it may become susceptible to rot. It looks particularly well in succulent dishes filling all the voids in a short amount of time and will spill over the sides of its container therefore making a good filler and spiller! It can be planted in rock gardens or if you have a drier climate it can be planted in the ground for a creeping groundcover though it will not take very much foot traffic. The use of stepping stones or pavers can help alleviate this problem. It blooms in the summertime and has star shaped yellow/green flowers.

Origination: Asia
Recommended Uses: groundcover, filler, spiller, succulent dishes
Height: 2”
Hardiness: USDA 6-9
Flower Color: yellow/green
Other Names: Stonecrop

Growing Instructions: Use a well-drained soil such as a cactus mix or create your own using an all-purpose potting soil with added perlite or pumice to aid in drainage. It likes Full sun to part shade however it may benefit from some shade in the heat of summer depending on your location. It does well in the ground if you live in a drier region or if you have a well-draining soil.


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