Salsify, Black ‘Enorma’ Seed Pack, 100 Organic Seeds


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Name: Salsify, Black ‘Enorma’

Scientific Name: Scorzonera hispanica ‘Enorma’

Family: Asteraceae


Once thought to help against venomous snake bites, salsify is now enjoyed as a healthy root vegetable. With a root tasting like oysters it is popular in mixed vegetable dishes, however the hard cork like outer layer must be removed before eating.


Origination: Southern Europe

Recommended Uses: Culinary

Height: 3ft (1m)

Hardiness: zones: USDA zones 5-9

Flower Color: Yellow

Other Names: panish salsify, black oyster plant, serpent root, viper’s herb, viper’s grass


Growing Instructions: Full to part sun, moderate water.
Does best if direct sown due to the taproot. Sow in the spring after the threat of frost has passed, keeping the seeds well-watered until germination. Seeds should be covered with twice their diameter with soil. Once sprouted in the garden plants should be thinned to 2-4 inches apart. Salsify that is planted in the spring can be harvested in the fall, or the following year for a larger crop.


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