Drunkard’s Dream, Hatiora salicornioide, 4in Potted Plant, Cactaceae

4in Potted Plant

Name: Drunkard’s Dream
Scientific Name: Hatiora salicornioide
Family: Cactaceae

An interesting trailing plant native to southeast Brazil. The young shoots are soft and fuzzy and have a typical Rhipsalis look. When the stems grow the loose their fuzz and grow more pronounced to look like bottles attached end to end! They grow fairly quick producing many different shoots that bloom in summer. After blooming they will produce pearl-like seedpods down their shoots earning their moniker “mistletoe cactus”.

Origination: Southeast Brazil
Recommended Uses: Decoration/Ornamental
Height: 6” (Trailing Plant)
Hardiness: USDA
Flower Color: Yellow
Other Names: Dancing Bones cactus, mistletoe cactus

Growing Instructions: Part sun\morning sun, allow to dry completely between watering’s in cool season. They will enjoy more water in the summer time however its still a good idea to try to allow the soil to dry on top a bit before watering again. They don’t like to dry out completely in summer, but they don’t like to be soggy wet constantly either. A very well draining “cactus mix” soil should help alleviate these problems. They should be fed throughout their growing season with a half strength dose of your fertilizer of choice, focusing more on nitrogen (the first of the three numbers you see on the bag). Overall an extremely easy to grow succulent despite the tedious sounding growing requirements.


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