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Name: Agrimony
Scientific Name: Agrimonia eupatoria
Family: Rosaceae

Agrimony belongs to the rose family and has a long history of medicinal use, and folklore surrounding it. Traditionally it has been used to treat insomnia, sore throat, cough, snake bites, skin conditions, blood loss, and jaundice amongst other things. Agrimony will grow well throughout most of North America, even though it is not originally from there, forming a hardy perennial. Agrimony will bloom into a dense spike of yellow flowers, making it perfect for various gardens as well.

Origination: South-western Archipelago
Height: 2-4 ft
Hardiness: zones: USDA 6-9
Flower Color: Yellow
Maturity: 90-120 days
Other Names: sticklewort, liverwort, church steeples

Growing Instructions:
Agrimony prefers full sunlight, but can handle part shade. Most types of average, well-drained soil, including dry and alkaline soil would be ideal for growing. As such overwatering should be avoided, with agrimony only really needing to be watered when the soil is dry.
You can plant agrimony seeds directly in the garden after all dangers of frost have passed, or if you want to get a head start you can start seeds indoors a few weeks ahead of time. Afterwards, transporting them to the garden once the temperatures rise. Allow at least 12 inches between each seedling. Seeds will take 2-3 weeks to germinate.

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