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Ambrosia, chenopodium botrys, 100 seeds per pack, Asteraceae, Organic, Heirloom, GMO Free

100 seeds per pack

Name: Ambrosia
Scientific Name: Chenopodium botrys (also known as: Dysphania botrys)
Family: Amaranthaceae

The plant has a strong scent, reminiscent of stock cubes, and can be used as a flavoring in cooking. Flowers and leaves are both aeromatic. Traditionally it has been used to repel moths, expel worms, treat asthma, insect and spider bites.

Origination: Mediterranean
Recommended Uses: Culinary, Medicinal
Height: 24 in.
Hardiness: zones:
Other Names: Jerusalem oak goosefoot, sticky goosefoot, feathered geranium
Growing Instructions: Full sun, easy to grow in a variety of soils although it prefers moderately fertile soils. Seeds maybe directly sown outside any time in the spring once the threat of frost has passed. Keep moist until germination, otherwise does best in mesic conditions.


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