Nightshade, American

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American Nightshade, Organic, Solanum Americanum, Medicinal Seeds, Organically Grown , 20 Seeds Per Pack, Glossy Nightshade

Solanum americanum, commonly known as American black nightshade or glossy nightshade is a herbaceous flowering plant of wide though uncertain native range.

It is used as a medicine in Cameroon, Kenya, Hawaii, Panama, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Pakistan. In China a tea from the whole plant is used to treat cancer of the cervix. It is used as folk medicine for a wide range of conditions, being applied topically and internally.

Recommended Uses:
The ripe fruit is cooked into jams and preserves, or eaten raw.
Experts warn that care should be taken since numerous toxins are reported with levels varying with local conditions and varieties.

Height: 1–1.5 metres (39–59 in) tall
Hardiness: Varies
The flowers are about 1 cm diameter
Flower Color: White or occasionally light purple, with yellow stamens
Characteristics: The fruit is a shiny black berry 5–10 millimetres (0.20–0.39 in) diameter, containing numerous small seeds.
Uses: Medicinal

Growing Instructions:
American nightshade grows and blooms year round in warmer climates. To start direct sow seeds in fall or spring after the last frost in rich well-draining soil. It prefers full sun to partial shade location. Sow seeds 18-24” apart and thin to 24-36” apart when true leaves appear. Water regularly but plant is drought tolerant. Parts of plant are poisonous.

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  1. Richard B. (verified owner)

    Couldn’t be happier the seeds all look like they came from a place of love and nurture and that’s all the seeds I ordered, haven’t got any in domes yet but soon.

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