Artichoke, Purple of Romagna


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Name: Arichoke, ‘Purple of Romagna’
Scientific Name: Cynara scolymus
Family: Asteraceae

This artichoke is a favorite amongst chefs for its flavor and beautiful appearance. Each choke, the edible flower bud, grows 3-4 inches and has a wonderful purple hue tinting the otherwise green vegetable. Said to be more tender than the typical green globe variety, purple of Romagna is sure to become one of your favorite edible ornamental plants.

Origination: Mediterranean
Recommended Uses: Culinary
Height: 6ft (2m)
Hardiness: zones: USDA 6-12
Flower Color: Purple
Maturity: 120+ Days

Growing Instructions:
Stratify seeds by putting them in damp sand in the fridge for 2 weeks. Then germinate seeds indoors 8-12 weeks before last frost. Transplant the seedlings outside two weeks after the last spring frost. Take care to keep the young plants moist at all times, you can cut back water if fungus forms. Remove any leaves or mulch affected by fungus asap.
While usually its harvested in its second season, if you plant soon enough in the spring in warmer climates, artichokes might produce a small crop before fall. Harvest them before the petals of the choke begin to open, and the size reaches about 4″. Cut the heads with about 3″ of the stem attached. Use immediately for the freshest flavor, or keep refrigerated for up to five days. To overwinter this plant in warmer climates such as zone 7 and above, cover it thickly with mulch. Prevent excess moisture, as this often causes artichokes to die over winter. In zone 6 and colder, it will be necessary to dig up the plants by the roots, cut the stem to 3″, and store them with the roots protected in a cool place until spring. Replant them after the last frost.


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