Ashwagandha, African Type


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Ashwagandha, African Type, Withania somnifera, Organic, 50 seeds per pack, Ashwagandha, GMO Free

Name: (African) Ashwagandha
Scientific name: Withania Somnifera
Family: Solanaceae

An evergreen woody shrub in desert and tropical areas but capable of being an herbaceous, perennial in temperate zones; African Ashwagandha shares the same characteristics as Vedic Ashwagandha but differs in its large leaf size and quicker growth. Belonging to the nightshade family it produces green berries encased in lantern like pods that mature to a pretty bright red. You know the seed pods are mature when the calyx becomes transparent showing the berry within.

Origination: India but naturalized in Africa
Recommended Uses: Medicinal – Leaves and berries are very toxic, the leaves are used externally. The root is used in ayurvedic medicine as internal tonic for immune system issues, stress, fatigue, and concentration. In African medicine the root is considered a sexual tonic.

Height: 2 to 3’ high and wide
Hardiness: Herbaceous, perennial in zones 8 and up. Hardy to 15.
Flower Color: White
Other Names: Ubuvimbho in South Africa
Maturity: 200 days but can be done in 100 days as an annual

Growing Instructions:
Sow seeds in early spring in greenhouse/indoors. Surface sowing as light is needed for germination. Germination occurs in roughly 15 days. Transplant to full-sun location 1’ apart in well-draining alkaline soils.


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