Bean, Velvet


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Bean, Velvet Bean, Mucuna pruriens, Fabaceae, Organic, 4in Potted Plant, GMO Free,

4″ Potted Plant

Name: Velvet Bean
Scientific Name: Mucuna pruriens
Family: Fabaceae

Velvet bean is almost completely covered with fuzzy hairs when young, but when older it becomes mostly free of these hairs. Leguminous fruit develops with a ridge running along the length of the fruit. The husk is very hairy and carries up to seven seeds. The hairs lining the seed pods contain serotonin and the protein mucunain which cause severe itching when the pods are touched.

Origination: Africa and tropical Asia

Recommended Uses: In the garden it can fix nitrogen levels and fertilizes soil
It can significantly improve mood, motivation, and reduce anxiety. It may also increase testosterone, and as an aphrodisiac.

Height: Vines that can reach over 15 meters (50 ft)
Hardiness: zones: Velvet bean planting should take place in spring and summer, after all chance of frost has passed and soil temperature is at least 65 F. (18 C).

Flower Color: white, lavender, or purple
Other Names: Devil Beans


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