Bok Choy, Shanghai Greens, brassica rapa var, chinensis, 100 Seeds Per Pack, Organic, heirloom, Edible, GMO Free

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Name: Shanghai Green Bok Choy
Scientific Name: Brassica rapa var. chinensis
Family: Brassicaceae

Shanghai greens Bok choy is a baby variety of a non-heading cabbage. Nutrient-rich, and low-maintenance Shanghi green Bok Choy is a must vegetable. It a has a bulb-like base consisting of clustered stems connected to loosely bunched, flat spoon shaped leaves. High in nutrition Shanghai Bok choy can be enjoyed cooked and raw, making it easy to integrate into the kitchen.

Origination: China
Recommended Uses: Culinary
Height: 5-6in (12-15cm)
Hardiness: zones: USDA 4-7
Maturity: 45 Days
Other Names: Green Stem Bok choy, Green Bok choy, spoon cabbage. Note: Bok choy (American English), pak choi (British English), or pok choi

Growing Instructions: Full to part sun, moderate water.
Grows best in cooler months – they are moderately hardy annuals and can be sown from early spring through midsummer. Bok Choy does not like having its roots disturbed, so direct sowing is usually best. However, planting in trays is fine if proper care is taken, this is usually best done if you want to get an early start or protect the early seedlings from snails and other pests. Direct sow after the threat of frost has passed, and keep seeds moist until germination. Plant using well-draining soil, planting a couple of seeds per group spacing groups out 6-12in (15-30 cm). You can also plant seeds in mid to late summer (depending on your zone) for a fall harvest. Keep in mind warm weather will make Bok Choy bolt, and the leaves will lose flavor and become bitter.


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