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Name: Borage
Scientific name: Borago Officinalis
Family: Boraginaceae

Long grown as an ornamental annual in the UK, Borage has become a favorite for its long season of blue star shaped blooms. The plant is often used as an edible with the young leaves having a cucumber like taste and the flowers being sweet like honey. the older leaves can irritate the throat as can the rest of the flower stem so only young leaves and the pedals of the flowers are recommended for eating. The leaves are best served sauteed or raw in salads while the flowers are a joy in salads or beautiful candied and places on cakes or baked goods. Being in the same family as Comfrey, it also forms a deep taproot that does not transplant well, so direct seeding is recommended. Plants in the Borage family are considered some of the best nectar plants so we’re sure that borage will not only be your favorite, but all the bees and butterflies as well.

Origination: Mediterranean
Recommended Uses: Culinary, oil, used medicinally for gastrointestinal, respiratory and cardiovascular issues. young leaves cooked or fresh and flowers are edible

Height: 2-3′ tall with indeterminate habit
Hardiness: annual
Flower Color: blue
Characteristics: moderate growing upright bush like habit bearing stems of blue flowers that are a favorite of pollinators.
Other Names: starflower
maturity: 50-80 days

Sowing Instructions: Direct sow after all danger of frost 1/4″-1/2: deep every 4″. space rows 24″ apart and thin to 12″ apart after germination in 10-14 days. keep moist until established then water when dry. Grow in full sun well draining soil rich in organic matter

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