Caraway Seed Pack, Carcum Carvi L., 50 Seeds, Organic


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Name: Caraway

Scientific Name: Carum carvi L.

Family: Apiaceae


Caraway has gone by many different names throughout history in different regions – however all would agree its fruit (or seeds) make a great spice, often used whole, the seeds have a pungent anise like flavor and have been used in a variety of dishes, mostly breads and desserts. Easy to grow and harvest this is a favorite amongst at home spice growers. Most of the caraway plant is edible; Young leaves can be added to salads, and the root can be used in the same ways as carrots.


Origination: Western Asia, Europe, North Africa

Recommended Uses: Culinary

Height: 12 – 18 in. (30-50 cm)

Hardiness: zones: USDA 3a+

Flower Color: white, pale pink

Maturity: Long

Other Names: Meridian fennel, Persian cumin


Growing Instructions: Full sun, moderate water do not overwater. Does best in warm weather, plant after the threat of frost has passed.  Start either early indoors, or when safe by lightly coving seeds with soil and keeping it damp until germination. Once the seedlings have 2 sets of true leaves, you can transplant them out of seed starting trays into 4in pots (biodegradable work best so you don’t disturb caraways taproot). Once the plants have become even more established they should be planted into your garden bed or a larger permanent pot, where they are spaced out 10-12 inches apart. Water regularly, but take care not to over water. With proper drainage plants should avoid becoming waterlogged, and not get root rot.


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