Cassia, Candlestick


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4in Potted Plant

Name: Candlestick Cassia
Scientific Name: Senna Alata

Candlestick senna, previously called candlestick cassia (Cassia alata), is described as a small tree or shrub, depending on which candlestick plant info one reads. When growing candle bush in the warmest of USDA plant hardiness zones, the plant may return for several years, allowing the trunk to develop to tree size. In more northern areas of the south, grow candle bush as an annual that may return following unusually mild winters.

Origination: Native to Central and South America.

Recommended Uses:
Great ornaments for home, apartment, office, dorm

Height: may reach 15 feet
Hardiness: Zone
Flower Color:
Other Names: Butterfly Host Plant


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