Cassia Combo Pack


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Cassia, Popcorn Cassia, cassia didymobotrya, 4in potted plant, Organic, GMO Free

This listing includes one 4in Popcorn Cassia & (1) 4in Candlestick Cassia Plantd

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Name: Popcorn Cassia
Scientific name: Senna Didymobotrya
Family: Fabaceae

An easy favorite here at Plants with a Purpose, popcorn cassia fills up the air every summer and fall with the rich buttery scent of lightly burnt popcorn. Growing up to 8 feet in one year it will provide a full season of blooms even in the first year, blooming even earlier the next if overwintered where serious freezes arent expected. It is very tolerant of poor soils and fixes atmospheric nitrogen so when cut back to a foot after blooms it makes a great green manure for your soil. It is an ideal focal point plant where other ornamentals have struggled with poor soil and the scent it gives off is perfect to entice your neighbors or movie goers if planted in front of movie theaters.

Origination: Africa
Recommended Uses: ornamental, cover crop, green manure
Height: 6-8′ tall and wide
Hardiness: 9a-11
Flower Color: yellow
Characteristics: Quick growing upright shrub or tree that bears stems of yellow strongly scented flowers all through summer and fall.
Other Names: peanut butter cassia

Cassia, Candlestick Cassia, Senna alata, Medicinal Plants, 4in Potted Plant, Organic Plants, GMO free Plants,

Name: Candlestick Cassia
Scientific Name: Senna Alata

Candlestick senna, previously called candlestick cassia (Cassia alata), is described as a small tree or shrub, depending on which candlestick plant info one reads. When growing candle bush in the warmest of USDA plant hardiness zones, the plant may return for several years, allowing the trunk to develop to tree size. In more northern areas of the south, grow candle bush as an annual that may return following unusually mild winters.

Origination: Native to Central and South America.

Recommended Uses:
Great ornaments for home, apartment, office, dorm

Height: may reach 15 feet
Hardiness: Zone
Flower Color:
Other Names: Butterfly Host Plant


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