Castor, New Zealand Purple


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New Zealand Purple Castor, Ricinus communis, 4in potted plants, Organic, GMO Free

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Name: Castor Bean ‘New Zealand Purple’
Scientific name: Ricinus Communis
Family: Euphorpiaceae

A large, showy Evergereen perennial in it’s native range. This variety has large purple/red Palmate leaves and stems. Castor makes an attractive statement in any landscape as well as the garden of useful plants! The inflorescenses (Flowers & Stems) contain both male and female flowers.

The seed capsule is covered with semi-soft spines. The seeds are cream colored with brown spots or mottling. THE WHOLE PLANT IS EXTREMELY TOXIC! ESPECIALLY THE SEEDS!
Recommended Uses: Castor bean was used in Ancient Egypt for treating wounds, cosmetic purposes, and to induce labor. It has been used as a laxative in India since 2000B.C.. It was used in the west as an ointment and lubricant, but wasn’t administered as a laxative until the 1780’s. More modern uses still include castor’s use as a laxative, though less frequently, but also as a varnish, and the starting point for most polymers.
Origination: Western Asia, Norheastern Africa

Height: Up to 30 feet in the tropics, 10-15 feet in cooler regions.
Hardiness: (35 degrees and up) Zone 10b+
Flower Color: Red


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