Cat Grass


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Cat Grass, 4in potted plant, Organic, Heirloom, GMO Free

4in Potted Plant

Name: Cat Grass
Scientific Name: Avena Sativa
Family: Poaceae

An easy to grow plant that your cats will enjoy! A type of oat that is often grown indoors that cats like to nibble on, is also an easy way to bring some greenery into the house. Cat Grass grows fast, which is a good thing since you may have a hard time keeping your cat’s paws off of it.

Origination: West Asia
Recommended Uses: For you and your kitties to enjoy
Height: Usually grows to about a foot in pots, but can get much taller
Germinates in 5 days
Other Names: Sweet Oats

Growing Instructions: Planting indoors is easy and can be done year-round.
Fill a shallow bowl or saucer (keep in mind cats will often knock top-heavy planters over, so the lower and wider the planter the safer and cleaner it will be for your floors), with moist potting soil, sprinkle oats over the soil at about 10 seeds per square inch. Lightly press the seed into the soil, and keep it evenly moist. Place in a sunny spot and make sure the soil does not dry out too much between watering or stay too wet after watering (which can often be the case with indoor pots that do not have proper drainage)


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