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Name: German Chamomile
Scientific name: Matricaria Chamomilla
Family: Asteraceae

Is there any herb more synonymous with tea than chamomile? growing up anytime there was even an inkling of stomach pain or restlessness at night, it was chamomile tea to the rescue. It worked then and it works today. Widely grown as a warm season annual chamomile has lived up to its repuation as a soothing tea great for sore stomachs and for relaxation before sleep or when stressed. The plant also makes a statement in your herb garden with its long stems with fern like foliage and bearing sweet smelling white blooms with the yellow heads where the seeds for tea are held. If started indoors early the plant will bloom in spring up until dying off in the summer heat but self sowing to come back in fall.

Origination: Europe
Recommended Uses: tea for sore stomach, calming, sleep aid.

Height: 6-24″
Hardiness: warm season annual
Flower Color: white with yellow head

Characteristics: popular herb grown for tea. It is a low growing mat forming herb that self seeds and dies in the winter. It has fern like foliage and small white flowers.
Maturity: 90-120 days

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