Chicory, Magdeburg


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Chicory, Magdeburg, Cichorium intybus, 4in Potted Plant, Organic, Heirloom, GMO Free

4in Potted Plant

Name: Chicory, Magdeburg
Scientific Name: Cichorium intybus
Family: Asteraceae

This variety is mainly chosen for its roots which grow larger than other varieties and are dug in late fall or winter. These are dried, ground, and roasted to enjoy as a coffee substitute or even as an addition to coffee. Caffeine free, the brew from Magdeburg chicory roots makes a great naturally decaff option.
Leaves of this chicory type can still be harvested for greens, but the roots of this variety are larger making it more ideal for brewing.

Origination: Europe
Recommended Uses: Culinary
Height: 5ft (flowering)
Hardiness: zones: USDA 3-9
Flower Color: Blue
Maturity: 120 Days
Other Names: Coffee Chicory

Growing Instructions:
Plant in early spring or in early July for a fall harvest. Since chicory forms a taproot, it tends to do best direct sown. You can start it off in seed trays but you should transplant it early, shortly after it forms its second set of true leaves. Soil temperature should be 55-75˚ for best germination with seed planted 1/4” deep. Thin plants when they are 1” high to 8” apart. They may need protection from direct sun in hotter zones during summer, shade cloths or moving the second sowing to a shadier location helps greatly. Greens harvested in colder weather tend to be sweeter.
To brew the chicory roots as a coffee substitute/additive first harvest the roots and clean them thoroughly. Slice the root into disks, thin enough so that they can dehydrate properly. To dehydrate them you may use a commercial dehydrator, or lay them out in a protected area with good ventilation. Once you have your dried chicory disks they need to be roasted around 300 degrees F, for 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours. After the roasted disks are cool they can then be grounded and used coffee.


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