Balsam, Chinese

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“Impatiens Balsamina”
30 Seeds per pack

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Name: Chinese Balsam
Scientific Name: Impatiens balsamina

Impatiens Balsamina commonly known as Chinese Balsam or Garden Balsam, is grown for both its showy multicolored flowers as well as its medicinal use in both Indian and Victorian gardens alike. Known for the explosive nature of its seed pods which is where the genus impatiens got its name.
Origination: India Southeast asia

Recommended uses: different parts are used for different remedies. Juice from the leaves treats warts and snake bites. The flower is applied for burns. Species Balsamina has been used to treat rheumatism, fractures, gastritis, constipation and other ailments in indigenous medicine.

Height: 8”-21/2’
Hardiness: annual to frost
Flower Color: red, yellow, orange, violet, white and pink
Uses: snake bites, burn wounds, rheumatism, fractures, constipation, gastritis, stimulates hair growth
Growing upright to 21/2’ Chinese balsam’s open multicolored flowers will bloom on upright stems until a hard frost. The seed pods when mature pop open sending seeds flying, which makes it invasive in tropical areas.
Other Names: garden balsam, jewel weed
Maturity: 70 days

Growing Instructions
Direct sow seeds indoors 6 weeks before the last frost. Sow seeds 1/8th inch deep and keep moist until germination in 10-15 days. Once true leaves show, transplant in full to partial sun with afternoon shade in hot regions. Plant 12-18 inches apart in rich, well-draining soil. Water only during dry periods roughly 1-2 times a week.

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  1. Feadly

    Reseeds very well. Deer do not touch. Zone 6, hills of West Virginia.

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