Kalanchoe, Copper Spoons


4in Potted Plant

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Kalanchoe, Copper Spoons, Copper Spoons Kalanchoe, Succulents, 4in potted plants

Name: Kalanchoe ‘Copper Spoons’
Scientific Name: Kalanchoe orgyalis
Family: Crassulaceae

Earning its name ‘Copper Spoons’, the top of each leaf of Kalanchoe orgyalis is covered in fine copper colored hairs that along with the slightly folded leaves gives it the shape of spoon end. the bottoms of the leaves start bronze gray but age to copper color of the top giving lovely contrast as it ages and sets new leaves. It is very slow growing but has a mature height of 6’ which makes it one of the more impressive kalanchoes to grow especially in arid places where it can be grown outside. It blooms spikes of yellow urn like flowers in spring that are long lasting Kalanchoe is very easy to grow and loves heat and sun but does not tolerate cold so bring inside in the winter if any frost or freeze is expected.

Origination: Madagascar

Recommended Uses: ornamental, slow growing shrub or tree

Height: 6’ multi branching so can form shrub

Flower Color: yellow

Other Names: cinnamon bear, leather plant


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