Cotton, Red Foliated


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Cotton, Red Foliated, Gossypium Hirsutum, Organic, GMO Free, Heirloom, 10 seeds

Name: Red Foliated Cotton
Scientific Name: Gossypium Hirsutum “Red Foliated”
Family: Malvaceae

A beautiful cotton plant, producing vibrat red stems and leaves with pops of white cotton bolls, making it a great addition to any garden. This plant works well as a warm season annual, just give it plenty of time to grow.

Origination: Native to mexico, west indies, and northern South America

Recommended Uses: Cotton, annual
Height: 2-3 Ft.
Hardiness: zones:
Flower Color: Magenta w/ cream
Maturity: 150 days

Other Names: Upland cotton, Mexican cotton

Growing Instructions: Full sun, moderate water, germination takes 7-10 days.


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