Cotton, White


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Cotton, White, white cotton Gossypium Hirsutum, Organic, GMO Free, Heirloom, 10 seeds

10 Seeds Per Pack

Name: White Cotton
Scientific Name: Gossypium Hirsutum
Family: Malvaceae

White cotton has a variety of uses, the first thing to come to mind is making cloth and other textiles from cotton’s fibers, but the plant themselves can be an attractive garden addition since they have flowers that resemble hibiscus. The plants can also be dried and used to make beautiful arrangements

Origination: India, Africa
Recommended Uses: Ornamental
Height: 6 ft (2 M)
Hardiness: zones: USDA 8-11
Flower Color: Yellow, Pink
Maturity: 100-130 Days

Growing Instructions:
Grows best in full sun, with rich loose soil.
Direct sow for best results, plant when soil temperatures reach a consist 60 degrees F.
Plant cotton seeds in groups of 3, spacing groups at 4in apart. The direction of the seed, relative to the ground does not matter when planting. Cover the seeds with an inch of soil, and water in the soil well.

It is illegal to grow cotton in your garden if you live in a state where it’s grown commercially, please check with local laws before you begin growing.


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