Crested Huernia Schneideriana


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Crested Huernia Schneideriana, 4in Potted Plant, Huernia Schneideriana, Apocynaceae,

4in Potted Plant

Name: Crested Huernia Schneideriana
Scientific Name: Huernia Schneideriana
Family: Apocynaceae

Often commonly known simply as Crested Red Dragon, this sprawling and upright tightly toothed succulent produces velvety red star shaped blooms with a deep purple center. The stems grow flat and coral like, and will form fairly dense twisting bunches. Low maintenance, and simple needs means anyone can enjoy the neat little blooms this succulent produces. Does great indoors, or outdoors away from freezes.

Native Origin: Tanzania (East Africa)
Recommended Uses: Ornamental
Height: 6-8 in (20 cm)
Hardiness: USDA Zones 10-11
Flower Color: Deep Red

Growing Instructions: Low Water, Moderate light to full sun
Water only once the soil becomes dry, any pots should also have proper drainage. Well-draining soil should also be used, cactus mixes are good and often contain extra perlite and sand. Roots should not remain saturated for extended periods. A weekly watering during the growing seasons (Spring/Summer) and less often during the dormant period (Winter) is usually more than enough water. Bright indirect light is preferred, although they will tolerate a shady area. Fertilize with ½ strength during the growing season. Avoid freezing temperatures, ideal temperatures are above 60° F (15° C), although they will tolerate lower temperatures. Offsets can be separated and is the main method of propagation.


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