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We can’t be this close to the pepper capital of the world and not offer these seeds! Intensley hot with a bit of a fruity flavor, the datil makes one heck of a hot sauce!

Unfortunately, nobody really knows the true origin of this pepper. Some say the Minorcan slaves brought it from Spain, which I’m sure didn’t originate from there. Others say the pepper came from Chile. The Datil Pepper truly resembles a West African pepper named the Fatalli. Regardless of it’s origin, we are proud to make these seeds available to you.

Recommended Uses: Food spice
Height: 24-36 in. (60-90 cm)
Hardiness: Up to freeze
Flower Color: yellow/orange/gold

Characteristics: Fruit shape is tapered with length under 2″ . Fruit color is Green changing to gold.

Uses: Fresh (salsa, salads) , Drying,Pickling

Sowing Instructions:

Fill 2 inch peat pots with standard potting soil. Water the potting soil until it feels moderately damp in the top 2 inches. Poke a ¼ inch deep hole in the soil in each pot. Sow one Datil pepper seed in each hole. Cover the seed completely and firm the soil to anchor it in place. Prepare the soil in a sunny, draining garden bed in spring once air temperatures reach 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Amend the soil with a cultivator to a depth of 8 inches with a 4 inch thick layer of compost. Remove the bottom of each pot before planting. Water the plants to a depth of 3 inches immediately after planting

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