Radish, De 18 jours


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Radish Seeds, De 18 Jours French Breakfast Radish, Raphanus Sativas, Organic, 100 Seeds, Heirloom, GMO Free

Name: De 18 Jours Radish
Scientific Name: Raphanus Sativus
Family: Brassicaceae

No radish is more picturesque and petit than a French breakfast radish and what could be better than harvesting them in just 18 days. This French heirloom has been grown for centuries for its heat tolerance and quick turnover. It produces red root radishes with white tips. Best picked at 18 days or earlier as French breakfast radish get bitter and pithy the quickest of any radish. It also readily sets seed and is a lovely addition to your pollinator gardens.

Origination: France

Recommended Uses: Culinary edible stem and root, greens harvest at 3” or less

Height: root crop, bloom stem 2’ tall
Hardiness zones: spring through early summer and fall if second warm season
Flower Color: white with lavender
Maturity: 18 days

Sowing Instructions:
Direct sow seeds in early spring spacing every inch, thin to 2-3” apart when plants are 1-2” tall. Germination in 4-7 days. Soaking in room temperature water speeds germination. Sow in rich loamy well-draining soil in a full sun location. Sow every 3-4 weeks for consistent harvest.


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