Tobacco, Desert


100 Seeds per pack

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Name: Desert Tobacco
Scientific name: Nicotiana Obtusifolia
Family: Solanaceae

100 Seeds per pack

Product Description
A native desert plant of the SouthWestern US, desert tobacco is well suited for rocky poor soils where it thrives in low moisture high sun conditions. Desert tobacco grows 1-3 feet tall and flowers quickly so make sure to keep it topped and harvest stems of leaves every 2 weeks for optimal production and health. the leaves are full of nicotine and anabsine so it is more suited for slow measured intake such as through a pipe. the drying process is best done in controlled low moisture environments making sure not to rush the drying process but allowing enough time develop flavor and oils without allowing it to mold. If allowed to flower it bears terminal clusters of greenish white flowers that readily set seed pods with hundreds of seed in each pod. harvest when pods are brown but not yet opened.

Origination: South West US
Recommended Uses: medicinal, smoking, ornamental, pesticide

Height: 1-3′ tall
Hardiness: perennial in desert like climates, annual where freezes. often self sows
Flower Color: greenish white
Characteristics: heat tolerant and tolerant of poor soils

Sowing Instructions:
Surface sow 4-6 weeks before last frost date in cells pressing firmly into soilless mix. Keep moist until germination in 7-14 days. Bump up to 4″ when True leaves show and plant is safe to work with. Transplant to a full sun location after all danger of frost in rocky well draining soil. Space 1-2 feet apart and water when dry.


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