Elephant Bush, Portulacaria afra

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Elephant Bush, Portulacaria afra,Succulents, 4 in potted, didiereaceae, dwarf jade plant, pork bush

Name: Elephant Bush
Scientific Name: Portulacaria afra
Family: didiereaceae

While similar in looks and early growth habit to Jade plant, Elephant bush is distinct in a number of important ways. First its leaves are edible; with the highest concentration of malic acid in the morning the crunchy rounded leaves have a mildly tart taste that is excellent in salads. It’s also much more sun tolerant than jade, even growing in full sun when mature. It is more cold tolerant as well tolerating mild freezes especially when mature. It can be pruned as a bush but if allowed vertical growth it reaches a mature height of 8-15 feet which makes it the perfect specimen tree for a rocky arid location. It also quite popular in xeriscaping and bonsai.

Origination: South Africa

Recommended Uses: culinary, bonsai, xeriscaping

Height: 8-15’ H with spreading habit

Hardiness: zones: houseplant or outdoor plant where no long periods of freeze

Flower Color: white with soft pink blush

Other Names: dwarf jade plant, pork bush

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    Too early to predict success after a rough trip thru the P.O.

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