Vervain, European


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Name: European Vervain
Scientific Name: Verbena Officinalis
Family: Verbenaceae

An herbaceous perennial in its native zone, European Vervain has been historically revered for good reason. While it’s not showy, this easy to grow plant starts readily from seed and blooms from early summer to early fall. The small white flowers have a blue/purple blush to them that will charm you with its simple rustic appeal. The real reason for its reverence across cultures is its many medicinal uses. It was used historically for everything from snakebites to tumors but many of those uses are now considered outdated. It is thought to be the plant that was used to staunch the bleeding from the spear wound on Jesus Christ’s side when he was on the crucifix.

Origination: Europe & Mediterranean
Recommended Uses: Medicinal. Currently holds place in western medicine as an astringent, antispasmodic as well as to reduce fevers. The leaves are used to make a tea or infused in wine. Excellent in baths and is also a favorite of pigeons and turkeys as a food source.

Height: 1-2&1/2’ tall and wide but reseeds itself regularly for a slow growing groundcover.
Hardiness: perennial in zones 4-8 annual everywhere else
Flower Color: white with purple blue tinge
Other Names: pigeon grass, turkey grass, herb on the cross.

Growing Instructions:
Surface sow seeds outside in early spring. Barely cover them with soil and keep moist until germination in 2-4 weeks. Requires 2 weeks of cold conditioning. Plant in full sun location with well-draining or dry alkaline soil.


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