French Purslane “Golden Leaf” Seed Pack -100 Organic Seeds


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Name: French Purslane “Golden Leaf”

Scientific Name: Portulacea Oleracea Sativa

Family: Portulacaceae


A great edible succulent variety that can also be used for decoration and arrangements. Easy to grow, this variety has rounded chartreuse leaves and is often dotted with small yellow flowers. Give this plant plenty of light and keep it on the drier side and it’ll take care of the rest. Enjoyed both raw and cooked!


Origination: Extensive distribution, assumed to be mostly anthropogenic

Recommended Uses: Culinary, ornamental

Height: Up to 16 in, but often stays low

Hardiness: zones: USDA zones 6-11

Flower Color: Yellow

Other Names: Summer Purslane


Growing Instructions: Full sun, low water.

Seeds germinate best when they are exposed to light, lightly press seeds into soil and keep damp until germination at which point watering may be sparse.
Plant after the threat of frost has passed, and can be stated several weeks early indoors. Purslane like most succulents like to be kept on the drier side and does best in well-draining soils. Purslane plants can be given a great deal of space when putting into beds as it has a tendency to spread, usually 12-16 inches is enough. Purslane also does well in pots, just be sure the pot and soil has plenty of drainage.


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