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Ginger,Zingiber Officinale, Zingiberaceae, 5.5in Potted plant, Organic, Heirloom, GMO Free,

5.5 in potted plant

Name: Ginger
Scientific Name: Zingiber officinale
Family: Zingiberaceae

Ginger root which is widely used as a spice and folk medicine originates from this plant. Ginger forms spreading rhizomes that grow readily in the warmer seasons. The rhizomes, or roots of ginger are both easily cut and replanted to propagate ginger or used directly in cuisine and medicine. Ginger also makes attractive easy to grow plants in sub-tropical gardens, possessing pseudo-stems of rolled leaves and eventually blooming with orchid like flowers. Ginger also has a history of use to alleviate nausea and vomiting, as well as used as an anti-inflammatory.

Origination: Maritime Southeast Asia (islands)
Recommended Uses: Culinary, Medicinal
Height: 3-4 ft (1m)
Hardiness: zones: USDA 7-10
Flower Color: Purple to yellow

Growing Instructions:
Full to part shade, loose soil.
Plant your ginger root in early spring once the threat of frost has passed, planting them horizontally in a shallow trench, no deeper than 1 inch. Water it thoroughly, once leaves emerge you can water sparingly as long as you give the soil a deep soaking. In warmer zones (USDA 7+) ginger will often die back once colder weather hits, leaving their dormant roots underground until next spring where it will re-sprout and re-bloom. In colder zones ginger roots should be done in pots and brought inside, or dug up and washed, stored in a cool dry place until next spring.

Your ginger plant will be ready for harvest in spring, although you can let it grow through the next summer for a larger harvest. When you’re ready to harvest, lift the ginger plant gingerly from the soil. If you’d like to continue to grow ginger root, break off a part of the ginger root that has foliage and carefully replant it.


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