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Henbane, Hyoscyamus niger, Organic, Heirloom, 4in potted plant. GMO Free Plants, Medicinal Plants.

Henbane is a highly toxic plant whose use historically was considered mystical and wondrous. Often used as an aesthetic potion, as well as for its psychoactive properties, henbane was used in traditional herbal medicine as well for several ailments, usually pains and discomforts. Now it is usually grown as a beautiful ornamenal and landscape plant. Boasting yellow flowers, with deep purple almost black veining. Henbane is toxic to cattle, wild animals, fish, and birds; Overdoses result in delirium, coma, respiratory paralysis, and death. Easy to grow – deer resistant.

Internal use is toxic
Origination: Eurasia
Recommended Uses: Ornamental
Height: 3ft (1meter)
Hardiness: zones: USDA 4 – 8
Flower Color: Yellow
Maturity: 90 Days
Other Names: black henbane, stinking nightshade

Growing Instructions: Plant prefers sun and dry to well-draining soils, growing in regular garden soil or waste places. Once established henbane is drought tolerant, but should be given regular water when available. If grown in a part sun location, acclimate the lighting before transplanting in the full sun.

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