Henna Seed Pack – 50 Organic Seeds


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Name: Henna

Scientific Name: Lawsonia inermis

Family: Lythraceae


Growing into a large shrub or large tree the leaves of this plant are used to produce the dye known as henna. It loves the sun and warm climates, and requires infrequent watering. The leaves can be dried, ground into a powder and mixed with an acidic liquid like lemon juice to make your own henna paste at home. The flowers that appear in the spring are fragrant, and will usually last into fall.


Origination: northern Africa, Asia, and northern Australia

Recommended Uses: Ornamental

Height: 6-25 ft (2-8 m)

Hardiness: zones: USDA zones 9-11

Flower Color: White

Maturity: 24-36 months

Other Names: hina, mignonette tree, Egyptian privet


Growing Instructions: Full sun, moderate water
Does best kept above 50°F (11°) so plant seeds well after the threat of frost has passed, does well in pots and can be started early indoors. When planting, lightly cover the seeds with soil and keep damp until germination, once sprouted watering may be decreased and the henna plants may be allowed to dry out between watering. In the wild henna plants are used to dry periods followed by monsoon weather, so a lot of water all at once is okay as long as the plants are not watered every day. Henna plants are known to drop its leaves from time to time, this can be because of temperature change, lighting change, or just because the plant feels like it. This is relatively normal, just prune back any bare branches, repot the plant with a little fresh fertilizer and give it some time.


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