Heart Hoya, Hoya Kerrii, 4in Potted, Rooted Plant, Apocynaceae, All Organic Material

4in Potted, Rooted Plant

Name: Heart Hoya
Scientific Name: Hoya Kerrii
Family: Apocynaceae

Perhaps the best known hoya, producing tendrils of thick waxy heart shaped leaves.. A happy and mature hoya will produce many umbels of fuzzy star shaped flowers with a blushing pink hue. Fragrant and stunning, the heart hoya is a classic variety.
Low watering needs makes it easy to care for, while it does well with filtered light making it perfect for indoor
Origination: Asia

Recommended Uses: Ornamental, Houseplant
Height: Vining 13ft (4m)
Hardiness: zones: USDA 9-10
Flower Color: Pale Pink
Other Names: Wax Plant, Sweetheart plant/hoya, Lucky Heart

Growing Instructions: Low Water, Part-sun, Part-Shade, 60–85 °F
Hoyas in general are easy to care for, but there are some basic tips to keep in mind when caring for and choosing a location for your hoya. Hoyas can tolerate a fairly long time without water, due to their succulent like nature. Hoyas love well-draining soil and do not want constantly wet roots, so watering only when the soil is completely dry is recommended. Hoyas leaves will also ‘wrinkle’ when dehydrated, so that can also be an indicator of when to water. They do well indoors but will need light to grow well, although they will survive without direct sun. Optimal lighting conditions are often described as dappled light or morning sun. Outdoors they should be protected from frost and intense sun but otherwise will typically do very well on their own apart from extended droughts.


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