Jamaican Burr Gherkin


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Jamaican Burr Gherkin, edible seeds, Organic, 35 seeds per pack, GMO Free

35 Seeds per Pack

Name: Jamaican Burr Gherkin
Scientific Name: Cucumis anguria
Family: Cucurbitaceae

The “gerkin,” which bears many small, cucumber-like fruits covered in blunt burr like spines, can be eaten raw or cooked and has a tangy flovour. Originating in West Africa and brought to Jamaica via the trans-Atlantic slave trade in the 1500s. It has remained a popular vegetable in Jamaica even though the fruits are small, they are unbelievably productive and can be more resistant to disease and insects than other cucumbers and squash

Origination: Africa
Recommended Uses: Culinary
Height: Vining, up to 8ft
Hardiness: zones:
Maturity: 65 days
Other Names: West Indian burr gherkins

Growing Instructions: Plant once the threat of frost has passed, usually indoor in smaller pots between May and June. Transplant after about 2 weeks, giving each plant plenty of space (2-3 ft). When soil is warm it can be direct sown. Does best in full sun, avoid deep shade. Moderate watering and well-draining soil works best.


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