Violet Heartease


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Johnny Jump Up, Viola Tricolor, 50 Seeds Per Pack, Heirloom Seeds, GMO Free Seeds, Medicinal, Heirloom

50 Seeds Per Pack

Name: Johnny Jump-up – Violet Heartease
Scientific Name: Viola Tricolor
Family: Violaceae

A popular bedding plant and annual able to offer plenty of color in a single bloom, with some beautiful violet petals up top, and yellow on the bottom the contrast is sure to make a statement in the garden. Looks like a smaller version of a pansy but tends to be a little hardier and produce more blooms. Does best in full sun in milder zones but can be pulled through hotter months if planted in the part shade.

Origination: Europe
Recommended Uses: Ornamental
Height: 5 – 14in. (12 – 35 cm)
Hardiness: zones: annual/biennial
Flower Color: Violet, white, yellow
Other Names: Wild Pansy

Growing Instructions:
The preference is full or partial sun, moist to mesic conditions, cool to warm summer temperatures, and soil that is loamy, gravelly, or sandy.
When planting seeds should be kept moist until germination, where at which point watering may be reduced to when the soil dries, or every couple of days.
Cannot survive the heat and humidity that some of our warmer zones get (USDA 8-10), but will do well during those zone’s fall and early winter.


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