Kalanchoe, Aurora Borealis


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Aurora Borealis, Kalanchoe, 4in potted plant, crassulaceae, Kalanchoe Aurora Borealis, Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi variegati

Name: Aurora Borealis
Scientific Name: Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi variegati
Family: crassulaceae

A variegated form of the native Madagascan Fedtschenkoi, this kalanchoe is eye catching and easy to grow, with blue green leaves that have scalloped edges with a pink tinge. It only reaches 16” in height but forms clumps quickly as it is one of the kalanchoes that forms plantlets along the margins of the leaves that drop off when large enough and root readily. It blooms beautiful spikes of bell like flowers of pinkish orange in late winter and it will be a wonderful addition to your rock gardens or as a specimen if the clump is maintained.

Origination: Madagascar
Recommended Uses: ornamental
Height: 8-16” clump forming
Hardiness: zones:
Flower Color: pinkish orange


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