Kalanchoe, Fang


4in potted plant

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Kalanchoe, Fang, Kalanchoe Beharensis, crassulaceae, Succulents, 4in potted plant

Name: Kalanchoe ‘fang’
Scientific Name: Kalanchoe Beharensis
Family: crassulaceae

Don’t let the name fool you, fang is as soft as a teddy bear. Bearing felt like hairs all over the silver leaves that have scalloped copper colored edges, it’s name comes from the tons of fang like protrusions all over the undersides of the leaves. As with all Kalanchoe it is slow growing, but it reaches a height of 2-3’ tall so it makes an excellent specimen plant when full grown. When mature it bears spikes of red orange urn like flowers in spring that are long lasting and impressive to see. It is very heat and sun tolerant but not cold tolerant so if kept outside it should be brought in during the winters where any freezing temperatures are expected.

Origination: Madagascar

Recommended Uses: ornamental, rock gardens, succulent gardens

Height: 2-3H X 1-2’W

Flower Color: red-orange or green-yellow

Other Names: Felt Plant


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