Leopard Flower


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Leopard Flower, Belamcanda chinensis, 4in Potted Plant, Organic, Iridaceae

4in Potted Plant

Name: Leopard Flower
Scientific Name: Belamcanda chinensis
Family: Iridaceae

Gaining its common name from the bright orange iris blooms that have a red-orange leopard like spotting on the petals, the blooms look nice against the green fan of leaves. The dried root of the plant has been used to treat various medical issues, and is grown locally in its native zone for these properties. Easily regrown form the seeds it produces in fall at the end of the bloom cycle.

Origination: China
Recommended Uses: Ornamental, Medicinal
Height: 2-3 ft (60-90 cm)
Hardiness: USDA Zones 4-10
Flower Color: Orange, red-orange
Maturity: 60-90 Days
Other Names: She-gan, blackberry lily, Iris domestica

Growing Instructions: Moist soils, Full to part sun
Start seeds early, either indoors several weeks before any last expected frost date or outside once the threat has passed. Seeds should be planted about ¼ in deep and kept moist until germination (about 6 weeks until they are ready for transplant), iris will thrive in well-draining soil. Seedlings grown indoors or in a part shade location should be acclimated before moving out into the full sun. Plants should be spaced 2 ft apart.


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