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Name: Roundheaded Bush Clover
Scientific name: Lespedeza Capitata
Family: Fabaceae

A native perennial to the NE of North America it is commonly found in fields and scrub. Bearing White flowers with red centers off of a single stem in summer or fall it makes an excellent cutflower in arrangements or if allowed to set seed and dry the brown seed pods keep well and are excellent in dried arrangements. Very tolerant of poor soils and its ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen make it an excellent addition to your arid garden as a green manure and ornamental. For those with animals it is extremely nutritious and makes an excellent addition to your forage crop mix and the seeds are a favorite of birds as well. preferring cooler weather we were surprised by how it performed in our zone 9a heat but it prefers our fall weather when it is cooler.

Origination: Eastern North America
Recommended Uses: forage crop, bird seed, green manure, tea and ornamental dried arrangements
Height: 2-5′ tall
Hardiness: 3-9a
Flower Color: white with red/purple center
Characteristics: upright single stemmed plant with fuzzy leaves, flowers are borne on the sides and can be perennialized easily.

Sowing Instructions:
For fall sowing direct seed on surface as light is needed for germination. For spring sowing, mix seeds with sand and refrigerate for 30 days. start seeds 6-8 weeks before last frost date sowing seed sand mix on soilless mix, keeping moist until germination in 10-14 days. transplant to full sun well draining location 1-2 feet apart. tolerant of poor sandy soils. water until established then allow to dry out between watering.


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