Cacus, Life Saver


4in Potted Plant

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Cactus, Life Saver, Huernia zebrina, 4in Potted Plant,

4in Potted Plant


Family: Apocynaceae

Lifesaver plants are actually not members of the cactus family, although the tubercles — warty protuberances — that line the stem ridges can resemble the fierce spines that protect cacti. Lifesaver plants belong to the genus Huernia, low-growing succulents that are part of the milkweed family (Asclepiadaceae). They are native to deserts from Southern and East Africa to Arabia. The common name comes from the conspicuous raised brightly colored ring that surrounds the middle of the star-shaped flower and resembles a red Lifesaver candy. Not all Huernias have this feature.


Light Requirements: Part Sun

Origination: Native to South Africa.

Great ornaments for home, apartment, office, dorm

Height: under 6 inches
Hardiness: Zone 9A+
Flower Color: Red, Cream/Tan
Characteristics: Long-lasting, star-shaped blooms
Uses: Great ornaments for home, apartment, office, dorm