Lobelia, Blue


4in Potted Plant

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Name: Blue Lobelia
Scientific Name: Lobelia Siphilitica
Family: Campanulaceae

Lobelia Siphilitica or great blue lobelia isn’t as well-known as its counterpart cardinal flower but we love it all the same here at Plants With A Purpose. Found in shaded woodlands and moist waterways, Lobelia Siphilitica prefers moist soils with the clay your other flowers can’t stand. Blooming spikes of stunning blue flowers in late summer it will be a favorite of pollinators and when it produces seeds it will spread and produce a dense patch of itself that will return every spring wherever there is extended periods of cold.

Origination: Eastern and central Canada/States

Recommended Uses: has history of use treating syphilis but the plant is highly toxic so ingestion is not recommended.

Height: 2-3’ tall by 1-1 1/2 wide
Hardiness: zones 4-9
Flower Color: blue


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