Melon, Apple


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Melon, apple, Apple Melon, Cucurbitaceae, 20 Seeds per pack, Organic, Heirloom GMO Free

20 Seeds Per Pack

Name: Apple Melon
Family: Cucurbitaceae

Tear-drop shaped melons just fit your hand. The cheerful golden-yellow-and green striped skin is thin -the fruit is eaten skin and all, like an apple – best when ripened to mostly yellow in color. This variety is sweet when ripe and has a flavor described to be a cross between a honeydew or apple, and cucumber.

Origination: Paraguay
Recommended Uses: Culinary
Height: Vines, spreads several feet
Flower Color: white/yellow
Maturity: 85-90 Days

Growing Instructions:
Plant in early spring, after the threat of frost has passed. Does best in a sunny spot with good drainage. You can start several weeks earlier indoors and then transplant seedlings once they form a couple sets of true leaves. Keep soil moist until germination at which point you can reduce watering to more modest amounts. Harvest melons once they become mostly yellow, they are mostly flavorless while green.


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