Marigold, Mexican


50 seeds per pack
Organically Grown

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Medicinal Seeds, Mexican Marigold, Tagetes Minuta, Organic Seeds, 25 pods Per Pack, Heirloom,
GMO Free,
50 seeds per pack

Name: Mexican Marigold
Scientific Name: Tagetes minuta

Mexican Marigold is an Amazing plant that isn’t much to look at but it’s roots kill perennial weeds. The Marigold may help protect certain crop plants from nematode pests when planted in fields. The oil of the flower may be added to perfumes to infuse an apple scent into them.

Common Name: Mexican Marigold or (Tagetes Minuta)
Site: Full sun, part shade, shelter
Medicinal Uses: Treating colds, Herbal Tea, Respiratory Inflammation, Stomach Problems

Growing Instructions:
Direct sow on surface of soil inside March-May or outside in May-June. Needs light to germinate. Germination takes 5-14 days and soil must be kept moist. If grown indoors must acclimate to outside conditions once danger of frost has passed. Direct sow every 3” and thin or transplant from trays every 6-10”. Full sun, in most soils with light water requirements.


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