Thistle, Milk Thistle

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Name: Milk Thistle
Scientific Name: Silybum Marianum

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Milk Thistle, Silybum marianum, Organic, 25 seeds per pack, GMO Free, Medicinal Seeds

Name: Milk Thistle
Scientific Name: Silybum Marianum
Family: Asteraceae

Milk thistle has a long history of medicinal and edible use all over the world. Most likely originating on the islands of Greece, it spread because of the liver detoxifying properties of its seeds which are used to make extracts. Every part is edible, the young leaves are tender like spinach when cooked and the roots are delicious boiled with butter. Milk thistle is known for its cardoon like flowers with purple pink blooms and spiky pods in late spring that are best harvested with gloves. Seeds pods are harvested when the pods dry and the petals become white and cottony. Milk Thistle’s leaves bear a milky white veining that was said to be caused by the milk of Mary mother of Jesus, and it has a long history of religious significance in Europe. It is high in mycotoxin so caution is advised with dosage. It is toxic to cattle and sheep so do not grow if seed pods are not harvested before maturity as it can be an invasive.

Origination: Southern Europe to Asia
Recommended Uses: medicinal extract from seeds, edible
Height: 12-80” H X 60” W
Hardiness: zones: Biennial
Flower Color: purple pink
Maturity: 100-125 days
Other Names: Cardus Marianus, blessed milk thistle

Growing Instructions:
Direct sow in early spring or late fall as milk thistle is biennial. Sow every 3” barely covering seed as light is needed for germination. Thin plants after 2 sets of true leaves present to 24-36” in 3′ apart rows. Keep moist until established and hand weed with gloves until it fills in quickly.

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