Milkweed, Pink Swamp Asclepias incarnata, 25 Seeds Per Pack, GMO Free, Organic, Apocynaceae

25 Seeds Per Pack

Name: Milkweed, Pink Swamp
Scientific Name: Asclepias incarnata
Family: Asclepiadaceae

A milkweed native to most of north America is perfect for butterfly gardens looking to stay away from tropical milkweed varieties. Tall with pretty pink flowers this variety favors wet areas with plenty of sun. Swamp milkweed tolerates heavy clay soils and is very deer resistant. Great for attracting butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees alike!

Origination: North America, Central America
Recommended Uses: Ornamental, butterfly gardens
Height: 3-6 ft
Hardiness: zones: USDA 3-9
Flower Color: Color is generally light pink to light purple, white variants can be found in the wild
Other Names: Rose milkweed, Pleurisy Root

Growing Instructions:
Full sun to part shade, high water requirement.
Swamp milkweed can be started several weeks indoors before the last expected frost date, or planted directly in the garden in spring once the threat of frost has passed. Either way, lightly cover the seeds with soil and keep moist until germination, and mostly so thereafter. Swamp milkweed prefers wet soil, and will need frequent watering in areas without naturally wet conditions.

Like many milkweeds chances are it will inevitably have aphids. The insects are not usually a problem unless the plant looks sick; at that point an effective treatment is to spray the plant and aphids with diluted isopropyl or soapy water. Avoid using products that can make the plant toxic to the feeding monarchs and other pollinators. Plants should be well rinsed with plain water after treating.
Warning: All parts are Toxic, mostly only in large quantities but can also affect livestock. Syptoms include, vomiting, stupor, weakness, spasms. Toxic Principle: Cardiac glycosides and resinoids.
Avoid getting sap in the eyes, and wash hands thoroughly after contact with sap


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