Milkweed, Showy

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Milkweed, Asclepias speciosa, 30 Seeds Per Pack, GMO Free, Heirloom Medicinal, Organic, Asclepiadaceae

30 seeds per pack

Name: Showy Milkweed
Scientific Name: Asclepias Speciosa
Family: Asclepiadaceae

This variety of milkweed is known for its crown like flowers, which give the plant a more cuspate appearance. Rose colored clusters of blooms that appear near the end of summer and attracts a variety of pollinators, namely monarch butterflies. Compared to common milkweed showy milkweed also has a slight silvery appearance from small velvet like hairs that cover the oval foliage. Stout and stunning, showy milkweed is definitely one of the more attractive varieties available. Simple to grow, and great for the butterflies too!

Origination: North America
Recommended Uses: Ornamental
Height: 2ft (60 cm)
Hardiness: USDA Zone 3+
Flower Color: White, Sometimes green-white
Maturity: 30-60 Days
Other Names: Asclepias giffordii

Growing Instructions:
Milkweed grows best in sandy and well-draining soils in sunny areas as it is not shade tolerant. You may plant milkweed directly in beds or in pots if you wish to keep them from spreading. When planting beds, plant groupings of seeds at least a foot and a half (.5 m) apart – lightly coving the seeds with soil, and keeping moist until germination. Planting is usually best done in early spring or fall. If the plants get defoliated from caterpillars eating the plants down to the stem, the plant may be cared for normally as it will foliate within a few weeks.

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