Mint, Clustered Mountain


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Clustered Mountain Mint, Pycnanthemum muticum, 4in Potted Plant, Organic, Heirloom, GMO Free

4in Potted Plant

Name: Clustered Mountain Mint
Scientific Name: Pycnanthemum muticum
Family: Lamiaceae

Silvery foliage and a strong minty aroma that attracts pollinators to its showy flowers. Clustered mountain mint, much like its name, loves to grow in clumping habits and form a dense habit. Everything from bees to butterflies enjoy the blooms of this species, which many flowers to go around. With compact vigorous growth and being in the mint family, some gardeners worry about over spreading, but clustered mountain mint is not as aggressive as true mints and can easily be contained.

Origination: North America
Recommended Uses: Culinary
Height: 1-3 ft (30-90 cm)
Hardiness: USDA 4-8
Flower Color: Pink
Other Names: Blunt mountain mint

Growing Instructions:
Start seeds indoors in flats in early spring. Sow seeds 1/8” deep in starter mix watering when soil surface dries out. Germination in 1-2 weeks. Transplant into well-draining soil in a full to partial sun location after two sets of true leaves appear. You can transplant directly into the ground or larger pots. Water when soil dries and more frequently in summer.


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