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Medicinal Seeds, MoonFlower, Ipomoea Alba, Organic, 15 seeds per pack, Tropical white Morning Glory, Moon-vine

Name: MoonFlower
Scientific name: Ipomoea Alba
Family: Convolvulaceae

Ipomoea Alba or Moonflower is a tender perennial tropical vine that is grown as a popular annual ornamental for its large showy white or pink flowers that open at night and close at the touch of light. The large moon like blooms are fragrant and attract night flying moths. Started easily from seed, expect blooms from mid-summer through fall, dying off with a freeze but often self sows. It overwinters in tropical or subtropical climates like our 9a location. the seeds are collected in the fall after the pods have completely dried and turned brown.

Origination: Tropical america
Recommended Uses: ornamental, the juice from the plant was used by mesoamerican peoples to make latex useable to make their rubber balls.

Height: as an annual 10-15 tall and 3-6 wide, perennialized up to 70′
Hardiness: 10-12 or annual anywhere with a spring, overwintered in 9a well
Flower Color: white or pink
Characteristics: night blooming tender perennial vine that grows quickly from seed. large white flowers attract night flying moths and close when touched by the sun.

Other Names: tropical white morning glory
maturity: 150 days

Start indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost date or direct sow after all danger of frost has passed. to increase germination rate knick seeds before sowing. plant 1/2″-1″ deep and expect germination in 8-14 days. transplant to 4″ pots after true leaves appear and the plants are safely handled. plant in full sun location with trellis support available. tolerates average soil well and needs regular water until established. space 1′ apart.

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